Collection Of Kindling For A Zoroastrian Place of Worship.

Collection Of Kindling To Make The Fire called The ‘Aatash Behram’.

For a quick recap, collection of kindling for fire temple is from the pyre while the corpse is burning and 15 others from the hearths of:         a dyer, a ruler, a potter, a brick-maker, a fakir or an ascetic, a goldsmith, a mint,  a blacksmith, one who makes armours, a baker, a brewer or distiller or an idol-worshipper, a soldier or a traveler, a shepherd, fire produced by atmospheric lightning, any Zoroastrian. At every stage of the process of collection of kindling for fire temple must be conducted by a Zoroastrian and no other person. The procedure for collection of the fires varies in the case of each of the 16 places from where that particular fire is collected.

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Parsi Migration to India — Qissa E Sanjan


As stated in the Qissa they were caught in a nasty storm. The Dasturs were thrown into consternation. They prayed for help and promised to build the Bahram fire if Bahram, the Yazata for victory, delivered them from this storm. Their supplication was granted and a gentle wind brought them to a point upon the Indian coastline. They sought refuge from the Hindu King Jadav Rana, which is believed to be the local ruler. It is believed that the King asked for five conditions before granting refuge to this migrant group:

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Fajeto — A Ripe Mango Curry


The clever lady washed clean the seeds and skin of the mango in a vessel of water; added some curds to this flavoured water, condiment, spices and voila! A delicious mango curry was born. This was Fajeto. She cooked some Khichri [a quick and easy dish mix of rice and dal boiled with salt and turmeric powder ( )] to go with the mango curry and literally, hey presto! One of the most delicious combinations of Parsi-Zoroastrian cuisine was perpetuated --Khichri and Fajeto. To this day, I doubt if there is a better combination of foods.

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TOMATO SALAD —Quick and Easy Recipe

tomato salad

This is an old recipe from the times when flavours were not so complex with complicated ad mixes of spices, sauces and plethora of ingredients; its superiority lies in the simplicity of its purity of taste.  It is only on the palate that the flavours mix to enhance the refined experience RECIPE: Serves One.

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Veneration of Fire: A Zoroastrian place of worship.


Fire in Zoroastrianism is the center for worship. It is a Zoroastrian belief that through veneration of fire one can create an intimate communion with God, who is the creator of this sacred fire. It is the third holy immortal and has a religious significance of being a symbol of righteousness. Prophet Zarathushtra mentions fire as the holiest of the elements to be worshiped as the source of heat, light, life and growth. He selected it as a symbol of his faith to symbolize the divine spark within. Fire, in Zoroastrianism therefore, is considered one of the most sacred elements of nature.

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The Raw Mango Curry is special and has a unique recipe. It is not as simple as making the usual curry and introducing raw mangoes i the end. Raw mango meat curry uses no Chili, whether green or red, and no coconut or other nuts to thicken the gravy. The gravy thickens because of the amount of onions used. On its completion, the Raw Mango Curry comes out with a hint of sweetness, and mainly sour and spicy.

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Summer Potatoes — Quick and Easy Cool Parsi Recipe


Summer Potatoes --- Quick and Easy Cool Parsi Recipe, for  your ever hungry brood's summer vacation this year. Simple and delicious, leaves one asking for more. Summer Potatoes is light and lovely, cooling, tasty and filling, a recipe so easy to make and so quick to serve. Summer Potatoes are an excellent accompaniment to your meats and other meals or it may be used as a main dish by itself, eaten with Dhebras.

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