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Fajeto — A Ripe Mango Curry


The clever lady washed clean the seeds and skin of the mango in a vessel of water; added some curds to this flavoured water, condiment, spices and voila! A delicious mango curry was born. This was Fajeto. She cooked some Khichri [a quick and easy dish mix of rice and dal boiled with salt and turmeric powder (http://www.mumbaiblogg.com/food/recipes/khichri/ )] to go with the mango curry and literally, hey presto! One of the most delicious combinations of Parsi-Zoroastrian cuisine was perpetuated --Khichri and Fajeto. To this day, I doubt if there is a better combination of foods.

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‘Egg saas’ is a Parsi’s corruption of the word ‘egg-sauce’. Egg Saas may be eaten with the Indian khichri (see recipe for Khichri) or with the Scot kedgree or roti as preferred Adjust the consistency of the sauce as required by you to eat with the rice or with roti.

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