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Fajeto — A Ripe Mango Curry


The clever lady washed clean the seeds and skin of the mango in a vessel of water; added some curds to this flavoured water, condiment, spices and voila! A delicious mango curry was born. This was Fajeto. She cooked some Khichri [a quick and easy dish mix of rice and dal boiled with salt and turmeric powder (http://www.mumbaiblogg.com/food/recipes/khichri/ )] to go with the mango curry and literally, hey presto! One of the most delicious combinations of Parsi-Zoroastrian cuisine was perpetuated --Khichri and Fajeto. To this day, I doubt if there is a better combination of foods.

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Bafaenu — Ripe Mango Pickle


Bafaenu — Ripe Mango Pickle Bafaenu , a Ripe Mango Pickle that will keep for over a year. Ripe Mangoes a great favourite in India are preserved by the Parsi Zoroastrian Community and eaten for  large part of the year , beyond the mango season in India.  This ripe mango …

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