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Cyrus Cylinder


We constantly hear of the Cyrus Cylinder and the first Charter of Human Rights declared as way back as the Achemenian (Hakamanush) rule in ancient Persia. Yet most of us have never had the opportunity of reading this charter in a familiar language.

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Beijing Cuisine — End of the Chinese culinary journey at the Shanghai Express ITC

ITC Beijing

Each dynasty, whether native Chinese or from the surrounds, added to the fascinating imperial cuisine; wolf’s and swan’s meat by the Mongol Yuan Dynasty! The Court of Persia, which took refuge when fleeing from the Arab Aggression also had a lasting influence on the kitchens of the Imperial Court. ‘Shaobing’, a baked, flat bread, hot pots and grilled and sliced meats would be a good example. Beijing is the cuisine from North of China with its variant served throughout the Northern region. The geographical location and its extreme climate ---too hot, too dry, too cold --- and surrounding hills made it incumbent on the cuisine to exclude, until very recently, fresh foods like fruits, fish and vegetables. Art of Pickling and Preserving foods developed.

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Behram Yasht Kardo 2


For him, a second time, Behram giver of wisdom, speeds into the body of a bull; pleasant, pleasing yellow ears and golden horns*. On these horns, sits the beautifully/diligently shaped, beautiful Rose, Um (energy of courage). Thus Behram, giver of wisdom reaches good vibrations/enlightenment (khorehno), containing the brilliance of saints, the aura, cures /remedies for the body, and courage. The Baresman or Barsam, is the sacred bundle of twigs KHINVAT: I deliberately do not add the word ‘Bridge’ after the word ‘Khinvat’ as to me the word itself spells ‘the road over the chasm’. It seems to me that these golden idioms obviously indicate some acuity beyond the spectrum discernable by the human senses; some extrasensory perception; some ‘spiritual’ ability, some evolved ability to sense vibrations beyond the physical.

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The Shanghai Club Express Reaches Shanghai


The next 10 days, (from 25th April to  4th May 2019) the ITC Grand will serve Shanghai Cuisine prepared by its Specialty Chef Jia, at its Far East Restaurant, the Shanghai Club Express.Today, Shanghai cuisine is known for accentuating the original flavours of the high quality raw components and condiments which come together to bring about a light, mellow and slightly sweet taste unique to the cuisine. Sweet and sour is typical of Shanghai. Harmonious colours, complimentary shapes, emphasizing presentation is a must in Shanghai Cuisine. It uses more rice than wheat products like noodles.

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Ride the Shanghai Express at the ITC, Lower Parel

itc sahnghai

Cantonese cuisine, originally known in China as Guangdong Cuisine, is often referred to as Yue cuisine. This is the cuisine of China's Guangdong Province, and more specially adheres to its Capital, Guangzhou. Cantonese is a Cuisine with a mild taste, the Cantonese enjoy the natural flavors of fresh sea fish and Sauces, including hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, plum sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and soy sauce. the flavours are well balanced and not greasy. To leave intact the flavours of the primary ingredients, which are at the peak of their freshness and quality, very little few and very little spices are used. The spice does not engulf the natural flavor of the main ingredients Authentic Cantonese food  will be served for the next 10 days at The Shanghai Club Express, ITC Grand Central Lower Parel, from March 27th to April 7th, 2018.  To avail of the Cantonese Cuisine served, the diner has a choice of two special menus executed by Master Chef Jia from China --- a chef acclaimed in various parts of the world for his prowess at the varied Chinese Cuisine.

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A Few old Parsi Saris —Garaas

garaas old parsi saris

Not every embroidered sari worn by a Parsi lady is a Garaa. Garaas, generally called 'old Parsi Saris' are special hand embroidered  5 yards of  Chinese Silk, brought from China to India by the Parsi traders and worn as Saris. The embroidery motifs were often representations of either Chinese village scenes or the emblems of good luck in the Chinese culture or floral.

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Preserved Fish Roe — Aatheli Garab

fish roe

I am sharing the process described by my Great Grandmother, Dosibai Wankadia. The method used in her time is prior to the advent of the various modern presses and other kitchen gadgets and therefore use of traditional straw basket(s) and weights. The reader may use the gadgets he has, if any. A WORD OF CAUTION TO THE READER. My Great-Grandmother informs that the salted Garab/roe available in the market is merely that ---Salted not capable of preserving. It has does not have the shelf life of the Aatheli (Preserved) Garab/Roe. The Salted Roe available in the market may be used for immediate cooking. The salted Roe has to undergo the undermentioned process before it can be preserved and retained in your larder for months.  

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Skirlie (Traditional Scot recipe) —Also Mealy Jocks


Try Skirlie, a traditional old crispy crunchy tasty, substantial dish. Simply, oatmeal and onions seasoned and cooked in fat to a nice brown. Should you collect the pinhead oatmeal, onions, salt and pepper , bind it in a cheese-cloth or malmal, and steam the meal, you get Mealy Jocks another MEALY JOCKS:.

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15 minute potato curry Rasaaloo

15 minute Rasaaloo also known in some north Indian states as Taariwale Aloo is perhaps the sole potato-only dishes that goes well with rice, especially white rice. Potatoes in India are often cooked in combination with some meat or other vegetable. This recipe has a rather soupy gravy

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