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Avesta — Nirang Sarosh Yasht Vadi — USES

The Nirang like the Sarosh Yasht (Vadi) itself helps to keep in balance a person’s psyche (Mithra). If the Nirang is prayed before going to sleep, while in the subconscious state of sleep, the forces of thought are regulated and                                                                                   balanced. 1.for a sound sleep; 2. to have a healthy mind and body; 3. to psychological ailments; 4. Cleanse the home of disturbing /bad /evil vibrations.

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Avesta — Nirang Vanant Yasht –Uses

1. To be rid of: noxious and harmful creatures, filthy and stinking creatures, creatures like reptiles, scorpions, insects, ants, wasps, rats, midges, locust, lice, fleas mad monstrous spirits that plagued the pre-historic world creatures from another cycle of creation bringing ruin and destruction to the present world souls living in limbo or any conscious force that manifests inappropriately/improperly Maliciously clever, corrupt, half-witted intelligence or distorted wisdom Stagnant energy that has stopped progressing. In Zoroastrian lore, all that has stopped evolving or progressing has no further place in creation. 2. To eradicate all evil that can be transformed or destroyed with knowledge and wisdom. 3. To defeat the invincible.

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Avesta—Nirang Ardibesht Yasht–Uses

USES: 1. Very powerful prayer for healing in all conditions wards off all evil things from the body of the afflicted; wards off all negativism from your mind. 2. To keep you away all maladies from your life. 3. To help you to always believe in the Power of Dadaar Ahura Mazda especially in very difficult times. 4. When you are despondent especially when you feel the justice is not done by Dadaar Ahura Mazda to the evil persons who has inflicted pain and anguish upon you and other innocent

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Avesta –Nirangs of the Yashts– Uses

Nirangs from the various Yashts in the Avesta are the sum total of the preceding Yasht presented in a concise form. where a Zoroastrian is really running short of time and needs to invoke a particular enenrgy, he may pray the Nirang of the required Yasht. when my mother, in the last ten days of her life  was in a coma, a dasturji advised me to pray the Ardibehest Yasht ni Nirang three times in her ear during my short few minutes permitted in the ICU.

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