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Avesta—Nirang Ardibesht Yasht–Uses







Dadaar the sustainer of this world is omnipotent, omniscient, the keeper of all, the one who rewards and the guardian.

Ahriman is nothing, is shallow (doltish/unskilled/naive) and incapable.

Hormazd is the creator, Ahriman the destroyer.

Dadaar is holy, Ahriman is impious/ unholy.

May Ahriman be destroyed!

May Ahriman be shunned!

May Ahriman be ousted/ repelled.

May Ahriman be broken!

May Ahriman be ruined!

This   religion of Zoroaster is the best /foremost (avval).

Hormazd is the acme/ exalted sage, strong, meritorious, and granter of prosperity.

(Pray one Ashem Vohu).




“Daadaar-e jehaadaar tavaanaa O daanaa, O parvartaar O aafridegaar, O kerfegar, O avakhshidaar! Ahereman hich naadaan, O natavaanad ba hich chiz nashahed. Ahura Mazda daadaari; Ahereman marochinidaari. Daadaar paak, ahereman naapaak, ahereman khaak shavad, ahereman dur shavad, ahereman dafeh shavad, ahereman shekasteh shavad, ahereman halaak shavad. Avval din Zarathushti paak; Ahura Mazda buland kavi beh, awazuni”. Pray one Ashaone Ashem Vohu . (The Nirang is to be recited thrice).


USES: 1. Very powerful prayer for healing in all conditions wards off all evil things from the body of the afflicted; wards off all negativism from your mind.

2. To keep you away all maladies from your life.

3. To help you to always believe in the Power of Dadaar Ahura Mazda especially in very difficult times.

4. When you are despondent especially when you feel the justice is not done by Dadaar Ahura Mazda to the evil persons who has inflicted pain and anguish upon you and other innocent




5. for chest Pains.                                         

6.for ear Ache.

7. for fevers.

8. for headaches.

9.  for overall health.

10. For problems with lactation.

11. For problems with one’s legs.

12. Nasal problems.

13. Problems during pregnancy.

14. Stomach Aches.



Ardibesht is Pehelvi for the original Avesta words ‘Asha Vahishta’ representing the energy of fire, both spiritual and temporal including visible and tangible fires like the flame, tangible fires like the sunlight and light from other astral bodies, and also, the invisible, intangible cosmic energies like the life giving energy which permeates every quark, electron and atom. In Zoroastrianism, therefore, Asha Vahishta is the energy nourishing and guiding the entire creation towards its pre-ordained phenomena for occurrence in and at its pre-ordained time.

Asha is the natural Law of this Universal creation, the Tao, the Dao. It is, thus, understood as The Truth, the Righteousness the following of the Divine order on which the Universe runs like the change of seasons, the day/night cycle, ‘all that goes up must come down’, rotation and revolution of astral spheres and such other phenomena over which we as humans have little or no control. Vahishta mean the very best.

It therefore stands to reason that invoking Ardibesht Ameshaspend is to invoke all other energies in their most primal form, in their earliest, initial stages ; be these energies of light, sound, sensation or any other. In Zoroastrianism, Ardibesht Ameshaspend epitomizes the beginning and so, the interrelationship of all energy.

The energies that devolve from Ardibesht , in direct descent, would then be energies like Behram Yazad (energies that hew down resistance put up by Ahriman and Angre Manyu), Adar Yazad (Fire manifested on earth).

The second month of the Zoroastrian year is dedicated to Ardibesht and the third day of every month.

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