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Avesta –Nirangs of the Yashts– Uses


Nirangs from the various Yashts in the Avesta are the sum total of the preceding Yasht presented in a concise form. where a Zoroastrian is really running short of time and needs to invoke a particular enenrgy, he may pray the Nirang of the required Yasht.

when my mother, in the last ten days of her life  was in a coma, a dasturji advised me to pray the Ardibehest Yasht ni Nirang three times in her ear during my short few minutes permitted in the ICU.



Oh Dadaar Hormazd! I abjure the destructive Ahriman and the demigods (divs).I have no doubts (I am certain) about resurgence and eternal/ultimate existence. (Beyond the body).


NOTE: In this short Nirang of Hormazd Yasht, one declares one’s faith in Ahura Mazda and repudiates Ahriman, declaring one’s belief in resurgence/resurrection and eternal existence beyond the body.

USE: 1. for developing one’s aura; 2. Protection against enemies and evil; 3. curing diseases.





Dadaar the sustainer of this world is omnipotent, omniscient, the keeper of all, the rewarder and the guardian.

Ahriman is nothing, is shallow (doltish/unskilled/naive) and can do nothing.

Hormazd is the creator, Ahriman the destroyer.

Dadaar is holy, Ahriman is impious/ unholy.

May Ahriman be destroyed!


May Ahriman be shunned!


May Ahriman be ousted/ repelled.


May Ahriman be broken!

May Ahriman be ruined!


This   religion of Zoroaster is the best /first rate (avval).

Hormazd is the acme/ exalted sage, strong, meritorious, and granter of prosperity.


USES: 1. Very powerful prayer for healing in all conditions wards off all evil things from the body of the afflicted; wards off all negativities from your mind

2. To keep you away all maladies from your life.

3. To help you to always believe in the Power of Dadar Ahura Mazda especially in very difficult times.

4. When you are despondent especially when you feel the justice is not done by Dadar Ahura Mazda to the evil persons who has inflicted pain and anguish upon you and other innocent




May the majestic glory and brilliance increase of Sarosh the pure, strong , whose body is made up entirely of prayers (m a n t h r a v a n i),  keeper of nourishing instruments , wielder of victorious weapons , the first amongst all creation, come to my aid !

So let it be! (May my above prayer be answered!) (Aedunbaad).

NOTE: Sarosh Yasht Hadokht is to be prayed in the daylight only, like in Haavan, Rapithvan or Uziren gehs. Nirang to be recited before going to sleep it protects us from all kind of onslaughts of Ahriman. MIND is not active Ahriman with his evil workers of dark forces are waiting for to catch us off guard.
USES: 1. For Curing Psychological ailments can 2. To develop our Khoreh


NIRANG OF Sarosh Yasht Vadi


 May the majestic glory and brilliance of the pure Sarosh increase! May he always be strong and victorious!

The saviour of all souls, preserver of one’s genetic heredity /the religious, guardian of all men, of the good/righteous, Sarosh, may he grant his Protection/refuge/shelter,  all day and night, all through every month of the year to all Iranis, ancient sages/ a pre-Zoroastrian teacher of religion

(Paryodakesho) born on this earth, laymen, all Arabs who wear the Kushti, Zoroastrians and all good and holy persons of the seven continents.


NOTE: It is believed that praying the Nirang just before going to bed protects one from the onslaught of Ahriman and his dark forces. Many people pray it at the entrance door of the house before locking up for the night. It is believed that it keeps all evil out and brings good vibrations to the home.

USES: 1. for a sound sleep; 2. to have a healthy mind and body; 3. to psychological ailments; 4. Cleanse the home of disturbing /bad /evil vibrations.




I cause to shun, beat and make ineffective/immobilize the alien/bizarre tenor of your character ; the very mold of you demigods, falsehoods/germs, magicians and fairies by the use of the Ephideris Vulgaris (Haoma plant)  and the great fire/the youngest branch of the tree in heaven (barsam) and the religion of the true faith (raast) and correct (daroost) and good which Dadar Hormazd to my mind has taught/revealed (chashid).


NOTE: Haoma or Hom is the healing energy and also the name given to the healing herb, Ephideris Vulgaris.

It is said that at least four Persian heroes who had reputable sons had invoked Hom —- Vivanghat had Jamshid; Athwya had Faridun; Thrita had two, Urvakhsh and Kersasp; and Pourushasp had Zoroaster.

USES: 1. To prevent diseases  ; 2. To have good health and keep away death ; 3.helps begat good progeny; 4. To vanquish lies or enemies or any hostility; 5.To obtain true knowledge/strength/prosperity/progress/ victory/ health and longevity; 6. To be able to recognize and become aware of evil; 7. Ability to battle evil or enemies; 7. For spiritual knowledge; 8. (women) To get good husbands; 9.To make powerless a tyrant or powerful persecutor or one who is depriving you of your lawful rights or possessions e.g. robber; 10. Destroy the power of magic or other invisible onslaughts.




All tribulation, and the demigods/demons, and the falsehoods, and the fairies, and the Witches/she demons, and the magicians, and the bad winds (infection), and the pains, and stomach aches and pains of the seven joints in the body, and the evil emanating from Satan, and anguish (pain of the heart), and mental pains, and the vibrations that cause malaise of the mind, and the evil eye, and the temptation that arises from becoming aware of evil persons, and all such trials;

May these be vanquished and become impotent.

NOTE: Vanant, in Zoroastrianism, is the underlying substance, fundamental reality of the ‘Star of the West’, a binary multiple star system in the Constellation, Scorpius. Girtab or Vanant is the 83rd brightest star in the night sky and can be seen with the naked eye; it is a pulsating blue Giant. The mass and radius of the primary star in the system is about 7 times that of our Sun in both cases.


Unlike for the other energies, there is no month or day dedicated to Vanant; it is invoked with other astral phenomena every month on the second and third day and is a companion of Tishtriya (Teshtar sitaara).

USES: Vanant Yasht is prayed to be rid of :  a. noxious and harmful creatures, b. filthy and stinking creatures, c. creatures like reptiles, scorpions , insects, ants, wasps, rats, midges, locust, lice, fleas, d. mad monstrous spirits that plagued the pre-historic world; e. creatures from a  another cycle of creation bringing ruin and destruction to the present world; f. souls living in limbo or any conscious force that manifests inappropriately/improperly; g. maliciously clever, corrupt, half-witted intelligence or distorted wisdom; h. Stagnant energy that has stopped progressing. In Zoroastrian lore, all that has stopped evolving or progressing has no further place in creation.

2. To be rid of all evil that can be transformed or destroyed with knowledge and wisdom.

3. To defeat the invincible.

For further explanations on Vanant, see the notes under transliteration of Vanant Yasht in this blog.

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