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Avesta — Nirang Sarosh Yasht Hadokht — USES





May the majestic glory/magnificence/ brilliance and aura increase; of Sarosh the pure, strong, whose body is made up entirely of * holy words (manthravani), keeper of nourishing instruments, wielder of victorious/ triumphant weapons, the first amongst all creation! Come to my aid! So let it be! (May my above prayer be answered!) (Aedunbaad).

*word Sarosh stems from the root ‘Sru’ meaning to hear. Look at notes below for further understanding.


Gorje khoreh awazāyād Sarosh asho, tagī tan-farmān  shekaft-zīn  zīn-awazār sālāre dāmāne Ahura Mazda berasād;  aedūn  bād.”



Pray one Ashem Vohū (Recite the Nirang thrice).


USES: 1. For Curing Psychological ailments can

  1. For spiritual development;
  2. To develop our Khoreh (aura);
  3. To drive away ignorance with sincerity (the ignorance mentioned here is not the temporal but spiritual)


Sarosh Yasht Hadokht is to be prayed only in the daylight hours, i.e. in Haavan, Rapithvan or Uziren Gehs.

Sarosh stems from the root word ‘Sru’ meaning to hear. For the soul to evolve it needs to reach a certain vibratory level. Depending on the evolution of each soul, the kind of vibrations and effort required are different in quality and quantity.  That does not mean one is better or worse than the other; all will pass through all levels of development, sooner or later. Nature always arrives at the mean and permits no vacuum. Manthravani does the needful for the soul’s progress.


Waves caused by each sound, has a certain colour. These vibrations (sound waves and colour) made by the spoken word, are named ‘Staota’ in Zoroastrianism; a simple scientific fact and nothing mysterious about it. Now, Sarosh/Sraosh is the personification of that energy in the universe made of these sound vibrations/resonance. We receive the vibrations from this stronghold of sound energy we call Sarosh/Sraosh. Just as an aside note, the personification of the various energies in the universe, spoken of in Zoroastrianism, started with the compilation of the Zend Avesta. To understanding, there is no such personification in the Gathas of Zarathustra. The Manthravani of Sarosh Yasht Hadokht Nirang goes a long way in raising the vibrations of a Zoroastrian making the soul more able to respond to the Universal vibrations.

However, as mentioned earlier, the soul’s progress will most certainly depend on its particular state and stage of being. Zoroaster has therefore, recommended the principle of ‘Ashoi’ , commonly understood as purity of heart, mind ,soul and body; the word in fact means the Tao, the eternal law, the laws of nature, the world order. The purity is, therefore, to be understood in context of the refinement of vibrations resulting from living in keeping with this Eternal law, the law of nature that maintains the world order what is also termed as Righteousness or Rectitude. The law that creates, governs and recycles the existence and working of the transpiring phenomena.

Hence, Sarosh is also considered the lord of rectitude and conquers the ‘corporeal druj’ like germs and attacks to the body born of a disturbed/ perturbed  environment  and incorporeal druj’ like falsehoods, greed, envy, jealousy, vendetta caused by the angry mind or Angre Manyu.


It stands to good reason that living by the laws of  the Great Wisdom, Ahura Mazda, the laws of Asha or rectitude, is bound to refine one’s vibrations to a level where it repels all evil (druj), tangible and intangible, and is thus ‘protected’ by Sarosh.

So, while continuing to pray to Sarosh, Improving the self and working towards one’s own Human revolution becomes obligatory for better and faster results.

Remember, it the meeting of refined vibrations that matter and is not a mysterious, magical handout.

To better understand the effects of sound vibrations, I highly recommend reading the research done by Dr. Masuru Emoto. Also, view the videos pasted here at leisure when you have the time.


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