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Jashme Avange Mazda —Translation

Receiving the Grace

Jashme Avange Mazda is the last prayer amongst those prayed when tying the Kusti. Jashme avange Mazda is prayed immediately after the three rear knots of the Kusti are tied by a Zoroastrian. After the Zoroastrian has promised his faith and loyalty to the practice of monotheism, in this ultimate Kusti Prayer, the Jashme Avange Mazda, he reiterates his faith in the religion, and admits to the world at large that he follows the Path of Ahura Mazda

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TRANSLITERATION: ‘Kemna Mazda’ is the first prayer when doing the Kusti. Kemna Mazda asks for true knowledge, for belief and conviction that, we as manifested creatures can do naught without the aid of the ‘Supreme Wisdom’, Ahura Mazda. Wisdom answers the question raise in the Kemna Mazda; what man, what …

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