Skirlie (Traditional Scot recipe) —Also Mealy Jocks


Try Skirlie, a traditional old crispy crunchy tasty, substantial dish. Simply, oatmeal and onions seasoned and cooked in fat to a nice brown. Should you collect the pinhead oatmeal, onions, salt and pepper , bind it in a cheese-cloth or malmal, and steam the meal, you get Mealy Jocks another MEALY JOCKS:.

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15 minute potato curry Rasaaloo

15 minute Rasaaloo also known in some north Indian states as Taariwale Aloo is perhaps the sole potato-only dishes that goes well with rice, especially white rice. Potatoes in India are often cooked in combination with some meat or other vegetable. This recipe has a rather soupy gravy

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15-Minute-Cumin-Potatoes – Jeeraloo

15-Minute-Cumin-Potatoes – Jeeraloo 2

15-Minute-Cumin-Potatoes – Jeeraloo A quick and easy recipe for people in a hurry. ‘Jeeraloo’ the 15-Minute-Cumin-Potatoes, are an office favourite at Dhiraj’s work-place. The recipe from start to finish takes 15 minutes or less and is very easy to make.

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TOMATO SALAD —Quick and Easy Recipe

tomato salad

This is an old recipe from the times when flavours were not so complex with complicated ad mixes of spices, sauces and plethora of ingredients; its superiority lies in the simplicity of its purity of taste.  It is only on the palate that the flavours mix to enhance the refined experience RECIPE: Serves One.

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Summer Potatoes — Quick and Easy Cool Parsi Recipe


Summer Potatoes --- Quick and Easy Cool Parsi Recipe, for  your ever hungry brood's summer vacation this year. Simple and delicious, leaves one asking for more. Summer Potatoes is light and lovely, cooling, tasty and filling, a recipe so easy to make and so quick to serve. Summer Potatoes are an excellent accompaniment to your meats and other meals or it may be used as a main dish by itself, eaten with Dhebras.

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TORTILLAS — Origin and Recipe


Tortillas are not made from simple corn meal or makkai ka atta, as is commonly believed. The special dough for tortillas and tamales is a four-thousand-year-old ‘Masa Harina’ (see below), a name of Nahuatl origin (native southern Mexico and Central America, including the Aztecs). For burritos, quesadillas and tacos, one uses the ‘Flour Tortillas’ (Check ‘Flour Tortillas on this blog).

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HUEVOS RANCHEROS (RANCH EGGS) – Quick N Easy Diet Mexican Recipe. A QUICK N EASY MEXICAN MEAL Huevos Rancheros or Ranch Eggs are a popular breakfast in the Americas. Huevos Rancheros / Ranch Eggs may be scrambled or cooked whole on the sauce or served fried on the sauce. To …

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