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Behram Yasht Kardo 2


For him, a second time, Behram giver of wisdom, speeds into the body of a bull; pleasant, pleasing yellow ears and golden horns*. On these horns, sits the beautifully/diligently shaped, beautiful Rose, Um (energy of courage). Thus Behram, giver of wisdom reaches good vibrations/enlightenment (khorehno), containing the brilliance of saints, the aura, cures /remedies for the body, and courage. The Baresman or Barsam, is the sacred bundle of twigs KHINVAT: I deliberately do not add the word ‘Bridge’ after the word ‘Khinvat’ as to me the word itself spells ‘the road over the chasm’. It seems to me that these golden idioms obviously indicate some acuity beyond the spectrum discernable by the human senses; some extrasensory perception; some ‘spiritual’ ability, some evolved ability to sense vibrations beyond the physical.

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Behram Yasht — A Translation

behram yasht

Behram Yasht is in praise of a 'mazdadhate' meaning a giver of knowledge. Knowledge which assists us to live in the way and within the Law of Ahura Mazda-- the 'Ahuirish Jarthutrish' ; and thereby vanquish all evil from within and around us and make us impervious to hurt and harm. In the Behram Yasht this omniscient knowledge is described metaphorically to take on different forms from the gentle breeze and growing over time into a great invincible warrior. The ten Kardas of the Behram Yasht speak in metaphors of the growing strength of the knowledge given by Behram  eternally safeguarding from all harm, the true believer and practitioner of Asha and Ashoi (rectitude) the Natural, Eternal Law of Ahura Mazda brought down to us by Zarathustra ----- the 'Ahuirish Jarthutrish'. Writers have often remarked that the ten forms of knowledge correspond to the ten avatars of Vishnu in the Puranas. I'd say, well, how different can the one and only truth and the greatest knowledge ever be?!

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