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Ride the Shanghai Express at the ITC, Lower Parel

Authentic Cantonese food  will be served for the next 10 days at The Shanghai Club Express, ITC Grand Central Lower Parel, from March 27th to April 7th, 2018.  To avail of the Cantonese Cuisine served, the diner has a choice of two special menus executed by Master Chef Jia from China — a chef acclaimed in various parts of the world for his prowess at the varied Chinese Cuisine.

ITC MasterChef Jia

A unique culinary voyage , a delectable luxury dining experience that braces’ quality with accessibility, Shanghai Club is a discovery. The restaurant showcases a perfect blend of ancient Chinese tradition along with contemporary décor with touches of the symbolic red colour to emphasize upon the Chinese ambiance.

Like we experience in India, Chinese Cuisine too varies almost every hundred miles or so. There is the Szechuan, Hunan, Cantonese, Beijing, and Peking with umpteen other variations in between.

Cantonese cuisine, originally known in China as Guangdong Cuisine, is often referred to as Yue cuisine. This is the cuisine of China’s Guangdong Province, and more specially adheres to its Capital, Guangzhou. Cantonese is a Cuisine with a mild taste, the Cantonese enjoy the natural flavors of fresh sea fish and Sauces, including hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, plum sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and soy sauce. the flavours are well balanced and not greasy. To leave intact the flavours of the primary ingredients, which are at the peak of their freshness and quality, very little few and very little spices are used. The spice does not engulf the natural flavor of the main ingredients. Except the use of garlic and coriander, in order to retain the taste and flavours of the main ingredients, the Cantonese avoid the use of fresh herbs as against the  liberal use of the same in Sichuanese, Vietnamese,  Lao, Thai and European. In fact, garlic is often used as a vegetable in Cantonese cooking!

This makes Cantonese a popular cuisine in China and Cantonese Chefs are highly sought after in China. Chef Jia brought to India by the ITC being one of them. As required, he uses a variety of cooking methods from roasting, steaming to stir frying.

Prawn Starters

Cantonese cuisine, less spicy than the Sichuan and Hunan methods of preparation is yet a flavorful and delicious cuisine; far more delicate than other eight forms of Chinese food.

these 10 days at the Shanghai club Express traces the Cantonese route through two set menus – the Superior ticket and a First class ticket on The Shanghai Express. the Superior ticket @ Rs.1500 per person + taxes, avails the diner a four course meal including soup and dessert.

A soup from the choice of four—two pure vegetarian and 2 non-vegetarian. Our Jain friends had their choice too.

One main course from a choice of 4 vegetarians (including for Jains), 1 fish, 1 prawn, 1 lamb, 1 chicken. The Sliced Lamb in chili oyster Sauce paired with Guangzhou Glass Noodles from the vegetarian Menu was YUMMY! So was the enchanting flavours of Wok tossed noodles with pickle vegetables, Asparagus in Chili garlic sauce, Steam tofu in special hot black bean sauce, crispy baby corn salt and pepper at Shanghai Club.

One Noodles/rice from a choice of 3 vegetarians and 3 non-vegetarian.

One dessert from a choice of three. Apricot honey rice pudding with a sprinkle of Pista and julienne of Apricot, highly recommended.

The FIRST CLASS ticket is available for Rs. 2000 and the menu includes a choice of 4 Vegetarian and 4 N0n-vegetarian starters


The Cantonese experience will soon be followed by Beijing and Shanghai destinations on THE SHANGHAI CLUB EXPRESS.

So book your tickets now to experience delicately balanced flavours of yin and yang, dished out by Master Chef Jia.

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