Behram Yasht Kardo 2


For him, a second time, Behram giver of wisdom, speeds into the body of a bull; pleasant, pleasing yellow ears and golden horns*. On these horns, sits the beautifully/diligently shaped, beautiful Rose, Um (energy of courage). Thus Behram, giver of wisdom reaches good vibrations/enlightenment (khorehno), containing the brilliance of saints, the aura, cures /remedies for the body, and courage. The Baresman or Barsam, is the sacred bundle of twigs KHINVAT: I deliberately do not add the word ‘Bridge’ after the word ‘Khinvat’ as to me the word itself spells ‘the road over the chasm’. It seems to me that these golden idioms obviously indicate some acuity beyond the spectrum discernable by the human senses; some extrasensory perception; some ‘spiritual’ ability, some evolved ability to sense vibrations beyond the physical.

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Avesta — Nirang Hom Yasht — Uses

Haoma or Hom is the healing energy (Yazad attributed the power of healing) and also the name given to the healing herb, Ephideris Vulgaris. In the reign of Kai Khushro lived the ninth Shoshyant also named, Hom. It is said that at least four Persian heroes who had reputable sons had invoked Hom to begat progeny ---- Vivanghat had Jamshid; Athwya had Faridun; Thrita had two, Urvakhsh and Kersasp; and Pourushasp had Zoroaster.

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Motti Haptan Yasht KARDO 8–Translation


MOTTI HAPTAN YASHT KARDO 8– TRANSLITERATION 1. O the Ameshaspends! We bring you to mind through the prayer of praise of the Seven (Haptangini). We praise the reflections in the water;  we praise the bridges over the waters;       We praise the various roads that travel in different …

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Motti Haptan Yasht KARDO 7–Translation

MOTTI HAPTAN YASHT KARDO 7 —Transliteration 1. We offer worship filled with/full of praise and reverence to Hormazd and Ardibesht; we admit to and publicly acknowledge this worship of Them. 2. O Hormazd! May we eternally remain under your reign! You, who straddle both worlds, are the most wise ruler …

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Motti Haptan Yasht KARDO 6–TRANSLATION

MOTTI HAPTAN YASHT KARDO 6–Transliteration 1. O Hormazd! Imbue great wisdom and prosperity in these Creations. O Hormazd! Your Reward to a religious person like me is the only reward O ruler of wisdom! 2. In this world and the world of the unmanifest (*minoi) be our sole Bestower; so …

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Motti Haptan Yasht KARDO 5–Translation

MOTTI HAPTAN YASHT , KARDO 5–Transliteration Thus, here, we bring to mind the poison of this world and its maker/producer; our souls as well as those of the animals; those animals which desire to keep us alive (i.e. animals that feed us) and (those animals) because of whom we exist …

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Motti Haptan Yasht KARDO 3 & 4— Translation

MOTTI HAPTAN YASHT KARDO 3–Transliteration 1. O Hormazd, here, we remember you who created animals and crops; also water and all existence; as also, the light, Earth and all divine blessings (natural phenomena), as such creator. 2. We offer you the highest praise (ijashne) and latria (the highest worship offered …

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