Behram Yasht — A Translation

behram yasht

Behram Yasht is in praise of a 'mazdadhate' meaning a giver of knowledge. Knowledge which assists us to live in the way and within the Law of Ahura Mazda-- the 'Ahuirish Jarthutrish' ; and thereby vanquish all evil from within and around us and make us impervious to hurt and harm. In the Behram Yasht this omniscient knowledge is described metaphorically to take on different forms from the gentle breeze and growing over time into a great invincible warrior. The ten Kardas of the Behram Yasht speak in metaphors of the growing strength of the knowledge given by Behram  eternally safeguarding from all harm, the true believer and practitioner of Asha and Ashoi (rectitude) the Natural, Eternal Law of Ahura Mazda brought down to us by Zarathustra ----- the 'Ahuirish Jarthutrish'. Writers have often remarked that the ten forms of knowledge correspond to the ten avatars of Vishnu in the Puranas. I'd say, well, how different can the one and only truth and the greatest knowledge ever be?!

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Kurkuria — Parsi Fritters

Parsi kurkuria

Kurkuria is a Parsi snack long forgotten and lost in memory. I first heard of Kurkuria from a Parsi Manager of an Agiary (Fire Temple) in Mumbai. Marzban Palsettia is from the Village of Nargol, in Gujarat and mentioned that ‘amongst other Parsi snacks, he even made Kurkuria for his colleagues’. I was intrigued. When I found this recipe for Kurkuria amongst the family recipes, I thought to share it with you, my readers. The taste imparted by using the Palm Toddy as ferment is distinctive; that, perhaps, adds greatly to the appeal of the Kurkuria as against other fritters. There is more than one kind of Kurkuria to be had with Tea—some with fruit some without. Each is made differently; I will share the recipes in due course.

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Bafaenu — Ripe Mango Pickle


Bafaenu — Ripe Mango Pickle Bafaenu , a Ripe Mango Pickle that will keep for over a year. Ripe Mangoes a great favourite in India are preserved by the Parsi Zoroastrian Community and eaten for  large part of the year , beyond the mango season in India.  This ripe mango …

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Bombay Sappers — Elphinstone Road Station Bridge


THE BOMBAY SAPPERS. Bombay Sappers and Miners Motto: Sarvashtra  Bombay Sappers and Miners Colours: blue and Maroon The Bombay Sappers and Miners built the Elphinstone Road Station Bridge in three months and all Mumbai is agog. We as a people would not be surprised at the speed and quality of …

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